Twente plans to strengthen national microchip sector presented

Twente plans to strengthen national microchip sector presented

Dutch companies and knowledge institutions are among the top players in the global microchip industry. More is needed to maintain and strengthen this position, as the growth limits seem to have been reached. In the Beethoven project, the central government works with the various Dutch regions to realise this. The region’s business community, governments and knowledge institutions have been working on the Twente input for the national plans. The Twente offer was presented this week.

In Twente’s offer, 9,500 extra students will start their education up to 2030, specifically in courses relevant to the microchip sector. By 2030, 5,250 students of this extra intake will have graduated. After 2030, more than 2,260 extra students will structurally flow into the programmes each year, and an average of 2,075 will graduate each year. An LLO (lifelong development) offer is also being developed, targeting existing employees in the microchip sector and talent looking to switch in training, people with a distance to the labour market and non-working people.


The strengthening plan for the Dutch microchip sector should enable the growth of companies like ASML. This also requires the growth of companies in Twente. Many of ASML’s (strategic) suppliers are in Twente, such as VDL ETG, Demcon, NTS Norma, Benchmark Electronics, and Technotion. Companies in Twente, active in the microchip sector, have an additional need for personnel up to and including 2030. This involves an estimated 10,000 full-time jobs.


“The regional companies cooperate well with the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and ROC van Twente and the authorities. This is essential to train the extra talent needed, in intensifying the recruitment of (inter)national talent, doing research, developing training courses and LLO offerings tailored to the needs in the microchip sector and retaining the trained talent for the Netherlands,” said Ank Bijleveld, chairman of the Twente Board.

Regionally, for instance, we are committed to educational innovation at and between the three educational institutions, measures to stimulate the growth of the number of students choosing to work in the sector, and setting up a new Semicon Learning Centre. The latter exemplifies how MBO, HBO and WO will work with the industry in physical locations.

We also focus on reaching and activating unknown talent through Lifelong Learning (LLO) and commitment to underrepresented target groups in the sector, such as women and people with a migration background.

Finally, the Twents offer physical space. With existing plans of the 14 Twente municipalities, it will be possible to build new student houses and accommodate new employees of companies. This space is not available everywhere in the Netherlands.


Twente is poised to take on part of the task of training additional talent for the microchip sector.

Nationwide, a further substantive integral assessment of all plans must now take place, after which it must become clear which part of the regional plans will be financed and come to fruition. The set of plans from the various regions collectively adds up to more than the available amount of over 450 million euros. This is because regions have been asked to clarify what they can realise with maximum effort.

This must involve a balanced distribution of funds among the regions. Recently, the Dutch parliament emphasised that starting point by unanimously supporting the motion by MP Van Hijum, which argues ‘to ensure that the available 882 million euros for training talent and research are evenly distributed over the regions concerned’.

You can download the Twente Plan here (in Dutch)


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