New Origin Dutch Photonic Chip foundry

New Origin Dutch Photonic Chip foundry

The soon-to-build foundry New Origin emerges as the culmination of two decades of expertise in silicon nitride technology, standing in collaboration with knowledge institutes such as University of Twente, MESA+ Nanolab and photonic companies at the forefront. Our ambitious mission is to establish the first independent Dutch photonic chips foundry, revolutionizing the industry with the production of cutting-edge silicon nitride chips.

Silicon Nitride (SiN) Technology Platform for Integrated Photonics

Photonic chips leverage light for seamless data transmission. By seamlessly integrating light-based communication into microchips, a realm of possibilities unfolds, including seamless fiber communication between modules. This transformative technology is the backbone of LiDAR, a photonics-driven measurement marvel embraced by the automotive sector, and plays a pivotal role in cutting-edge medical sensors.

Producing Silicium Nitride Photonic Chips

New Origin’s state-of-the-art production process for silicon nitride photonic chips is rooted in unparalleled precision and dedication. We manufacture chips that push the boundaries of what’s possible, laying the foundation for the next wave of technological breakthroughs. We produce on 200 mm wafers, backwards compatible with 150 and 100 mm.
But we are already looking further. The future of chips does not lie in electronic or photonic chips, but in the integration of systems. We have all the key technologies in-house: from analogue mixed signal and RF design, photonics, quantum photonics, microfluidics, materials, thin film application and advanced manufacturing. It is precisely this combination of all these technologies that is needed to not only design heterogeneous chips, but also to build the machines to produce them. Within the next few years we aim for a Pure Play Foundry for pilot manufacturing for heterogeneous chips, with an ambition to grow towards large-scale production. The first step for that is a commercial foundry based on Silicon Nitride. We expect to be fully operational in the early months of 2025. In the meantime, researchers and companies continue to produce their photonic chips in the cleanroom of the MESA+ Nanolab.

Shared Facilities for Innovation

New Origin doesn’t just stop at our own production. We extend shared facilities to other foundries, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flourish, and innovation is nurtured. In a pivotal development for the photonics sector, New Origin significantly slashes costs while enhancing the availability of photonic chips. In Twente, The Netherlands, we believe in challenge-based innovations, close to the market, but always on the forefront of what is scientifically and technically possible.




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