Sencure raises €5 Million investment round to accelerate industrialization of SNCE-800 Biosensor Chip

Sencure raises €5 Million investment round to accelerate industrialization of SNCE-800 Biosensor Chip

Sencure, a pioneering company in the development of chips for medical wearable biosensors, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of a €5 million investment round. The funding, led by Cottonwood Technology Fund, will primarily be utilized to expedite the industrialization process of its flagship product, the SNCE-800 chip, renowned for its ability to measure high-quality electrophysiological signals with exceptional power efficiency.

Besides Cottonwood Technology Fund, a DeepTech investor known for supporting early-stage technology companies with transformative ideas, the Northern Netherlands Investment Agency (NOM), reaffirming their commitment to fostering innovative companies in the region, and current Deep-tech and MedTech investor Lumana Invest, show confidence in Sencure’s vision by participating in this funding round.

Alain le Loux, Partner at Cottonwood Technology Fund: “We are thrilled to lead this investment round for Sencure. Their groundbreaking biosensor chip technology has the potential to revolutionize remote patient monitoring and reshape the healthcare landscape.”

The SNCE-800 chip represents a breakthrough achievement for Sencure, enabling medical wearable biosensors to capture high-quality electrophysiological signals like ECG and EEG, while operating on minimal power consumption. This innovative solution holds immense promise for enhancing patient care, providing healthcare professionals with invaluable insights into physiological conditions without sacrificing comfort or battery life.

Annemieke Wouterse, investment manager, of the NOM and Wim Smit, managing director of Lumana invest are excited about the partnership with Sencure: “We are proud to see that this ground-breaking biosensor technology is developed in Northern Netherlands and helps to strengthen the economic and sustainable potential of the region”, says Annemieke Wouterse. Wim Smit: “Sencure enables the next step in the necessary transformation of healthcare. We believe that this technology can reduce healthcare costs significantly, which is something we strongly believe in.”

Dick van Waes, CEO of Sencure, expressed his gratitude for the investment: “We are extremely grateful to Cottonwood Technology Fund, NOM, and Lumana Invest for their confidence in our vision and technology. With this funding, we can accelerate the industrialization process of our SNCE-800 chip and bring biosensor solutions to market faster. This investment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our exceptional team.”

Sencure, with offices in both Roden and Enschede, is strategically positioned to leverage the expertise and resources available in the region’s thriving technology ecosystem. The company’s commitment to advancing medical wearable biosensors has gained recognition and support from prominent investors, solidifying its status as a key player in the sector.


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