SPECIAL CHIPTECH TWENTE LUNCH: Groeifonds and Competence Center
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SPECIAL CHIPTECH TWENTE LUNCH: Groeifonds and Competence Center

SPECIAL CHIPTECH TWENTE LUNCH: Groeifonds & Competence Center

12:00 - 13:30
Grand Café The Gallery (Hengelosestraat 500, Enschede)

SPECIAL CHIPTECH TWENTE LUNCH: Groeifonds & Competence Center

We invite you to join our lunch sessions! Stay informed about the cluster developments and meet other companies.

This ChipTech Twente lunch will be a bit more specific than usual. This time no company in the picture, but an informative session on ‘Nationaal Groeifonds’ (National Growth Fund), round 4 and the application for a national Competence center.

Together with Brainport, HighTech NL and TNO, we are working on both instruments. We are making great strides in positioning our national strategy, working with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and RVO. Where we stand and what we want to achieve is the theme of the lunch. Issues we will cover are:

  • Why a national strategy?
  • What ongoing initiatives touch this national strategy?
  • What consortium are we building for the National Growth Fund?
  • What theme is central to the application?
  • In what ways do we engage new partners/companies?
  • What is a national Competence Center?
  • What is the relationship to other initiatives from the EU Chips Act?
  • How do we see our role in it?
  • What is the status, planning and budget of the different instruments?

We look forward to seeing you again at the Gallery’s grand café. Should you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask.
More info National Growth Fund.


ChipTech Twente is a strong cluster in Twente with great ambitions:

  • Continued investment in electronic chip design
  • Research program for integration heterogeneous systems
  • Future vision on realization of a heterogeneous foundry service
  • Realization Talent & Learning Center

To make this ambition happen we aim to bring the community closer together. If they have a better understanding of what ‘the neighbor’ does, they can work more closely on research & development agenda’s. Together they can achieve a lot more! The ChipTech Twente community is open for everyone who wants to make a contribution to the shared ambitions. The cluster embodies companies working in the field of chip design (among others RF, Mixed signal, digital) micro-electronics, microfluidics, photonics, quantum, nanotechnology, packaging and testing.


Do you want to join for lunch? Or more information about joining the cluster or their ambitions? Mail them at m.vizee@chiptechtwente.com.


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