Quantum Meets ’24
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Quantum Meets ’24

Quantum Meets '24

11-06-2024 / 13-06-2024

Quantum Meets is a dynamic three-day series of captivating quantum events set to take place in the Netherlands from June 11-13.

Highlighting this year’s lineup is the Q-Expo, a unique two-day event by the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) featuring a business expo day and plenary day.

Unlike your typical quantum conference, Quantum Meets is a co-created collection of free events. Each day will spotlight a distinct theme, addressing the breadth and depth of quantum technology, inviting all stakeholders to participate in an immersive exploration of a diverse array of topics spanning applications, implications, cutting-edge research, policy, and the cultivation of quantum ecosystems.

The event lineup will be unveiled soon, promising a dynamic and enriching experience for all participants.

The Quantum Meets ’24 main programme will take place in Amsterdam and features:

Tuesday June 11

Q-EXPO: the business expo day by QuIC, co-hosted by Quantum Delta NL.
“Navigating Quantum Tech Investments”, by Infinity QD, Quantum Delta NL and others.

Wednesday June 12

Q-EXPO plenary day: “Quantum Frontiers: Applications for Economic and Societal Prosperity” by QuIC, co-hosted by Quantum Delta NL.

Thursday June 13

The most awaited community event: “Nodes of One Network”. This year’s main theme: “Daring Quantum Research and Tech Transfer”.

More information: www.quantummeets.com


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