Opening Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Twente
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Opening Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Twente

Opening Quantum Talent & Learning Centre Twente

15:00 - 17:00
TLC Twente

On November 7 2023, Quantum Delta NL is celebrating the national opening of the Quantum Talent & Learning Centres (TLC)! You are warmly invited to celebrate this ‘kick-off’ moment and learn about current developments in quantum education on one of the four locations. The main event will take place at TLC Twente and will be livestreamed.

Twente is the stronghold for quantum photonic computing. Education, research and companies (QuiX Quantum, LioniX International and Demcon) work closely together to enhance the push from academic knowledge to the market. The TLC Twente is a centre of expertise where applied research and education are entangled and students can participate.

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12.30-14.00 Opening of the first ROC cleanroom practice room Gieterij Hengelo
12.30 Reception guests with lunch (QD guests and speakers )
13.00 Speakers: Trudy Vos, Pieter de Witte, Nanolab Mesa +
13.30 Opening of the practice room
13.45 Departure to Enschede
14.30-17.00 National opening TLC Twente and opening quantum photonic lab at Saxion
14.30 Reception guests in Connect-U with coffee/tea
15.00 Start the local part with the Chairman’s intro & welcome speech Cas Damen
15.15 Livestream starts & official opening ceremony of TLCs in the NL
15.35 End of Livestream
16.30 Possibility to visit Nanolab in the main building
17.00 End of program & drinks


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