Economic mission semiconductor industry and photonics to the United States and Canada
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Economic mission semiconductor industry and photonics to the United States and Canada

09-06-2024 / 14-06-2024
Albany US

Are you internationally active in the semiconductor or photonics industry? And are you curious about your business opportunities in the United States and/or Canada? Or would you like to explore the innovation ecosystem there? Then sign up for this economic mission and join us in Connecticut, New York State and Ontario.

This mission is in part in the presence of one or more government ministers.

The mission program for a number of companies also includes a brief meeting with His Majesty the King and Her Majesty Queen Maxima, who are visiting New York State during the same period.

Ingrid Thijssen, president of VNO-NCW, is joining a few parts of the mission program. Marc Hendrikse, figurehead of the top sector High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), is business mission leader.

For whom?

This mission is of interest to Dutch-based start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, multinationals and knowledge institutions active in:

  • equipment to produce semiconductors;
  • integrated photonics;
  • chip design (with a special focus on applications of artificial intelligence);
  • advanced packaging.

Diversity within a mission delegation is important to achieve results in the United States and Canada. We therefore like to put together a delegation with participants who differ in gender, origin and age. And who work for different types of companies and knowledge institutions. All this can factor into the selection of participants.
Are you an entrepreneurial woman with international ambitions? The government is committed to increasing diversity and therefore also specifically encourages female entrepreneurs to do international business. It does so through the Growth Across Borders campaign . After all, companies that do business internationally are more productive, innovative and successful. By joining this mission, you expand your network and increase your international opportunities.

Why participate?

During this mission we will explore opportunities for increased cooperation in trade, investment and innovation. You will also have time to network.

  • The states of New York and Connecticut are key players in semiconductor research, design and manufacturing. They have invested heavily in their innovative ecosystem.
  • The Canadian state of Ontario borders these states. Ontario is a global example in semiconductor and photonics research. In the Canadian city of Toronto, the start-up industry is growing rapidly.

Participating in this mission will allow you to:

  • gain insight into the local ecosystem;
  • explore your market opportunities and cooperation possibilities;
  • meet new business partners and/or enhance existing contacts;
  • expand your network and exchange knowledge;
  • connect with U.S. and Canadian governments;
  • increase your brand awareness and establish yourself as a key player.

You can also, for example, sign contracts, a letter of intent or Memorandum of Understanding in the presence of a government official. This gives extra visibility to your investment or project.

Market opportunities for semiconductor industry and photonics

Dutch companies and knowledge institutions can cooperate more with parties in Wilton, Albany, Rochester and the Canadian region of Toronto. There are especially opportunities in the development of semiconductors and photonics.

During the mission, we are exploring opportunities for cooperation in these regions. We are also encouraging Canadian and American companies to do business in the Netherlands.

Meer information an sign up: (In Dutch)

Please note that registration is still open until April 28!


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