Designing the future of semiconductors in the Netherlands

Designing the future of semiconductors in the Netherlands

Recently, RVO issued an interesting publication on the nature and impact of the Dutch semiconductor ecosystem, that is based on a quadruple helix approach in which knowledge institutions play a key role.

The Netherlands as an international player

The Netherlands is a leading global player with regard to knowledge on and production of semiconductors. Among other things, we are home to the world’s biggest machine builder for semicon manufacturing, ASML. Moreover, the semicon industry in the Netherlands is largely fed by small to medium-sized companies employing dozens of people. As a result, the Netherlands combines both the stability of large companies with comprehensive vertical integration and the versatility of independent operators.

Inside the Netherlands, more than 300 semicon companies employ over 50,000 people and have an annual turnover of 30+ billion euros. Considering the Netherlands is internationally renowned with many companies active outside the country, the total turnover and number of employers is much higher.

The Dutch chip design community

Chip design is an important part of our global IC ecosystem. It is a natural starting point for both semiconductors and integrated photonics IC’s. The Netherlands is home to a thriving and ever growing community of chip design partners. There are almost 100 companies integrated into the Dutch Semiconductor top sector.

Together with dedicated partners, High Tech NL Semiconductors is building a unique community Chip Design NL to add value to Dutch based chip design companies. These companies and institutions are operating in their own niches, and have proven track records in their areas of expertise. In the Netherlands, most production, packaging, and testing activities take place in-house. From innovating wireless data transmission and sensor data acquisition, to patented security technology, and core expertise on mixed-signal and IC design, the Netherlands offers a wealth of knowledge and established IP in the field of chip design.

You can read the full publication here.


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