ChipTech Twente seeks CEO with in-depth knowledge of semicon industry

ChipTech Twente seeks CEO with in-depth knowledge of semicon industry

ChipTech Twente seeks a CEO! Help us realising our ambitions.

Position: Full Time
Salary Range: 100.000 – 150000 EUR Yearly, depending on type of employment
Location: Enschede

What we are

Twente is on the national and international map as a hotspot for semicon and specifically for analogue chip design, photonics, microfluidics, MEMS, and heterogeneous systems. With a strong Integrated Circuit Design department at the University of Twente, the MESA+ institute, a fully equipped NanoLab, and around 50 semiconductor-related SMEs, customers worldwide benefit from Twente’s unique knowledge. These companies have one thing in common: they all work closely with the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, which have a long and impressive history and a strong international scientific track record in the fields of electrical engineering, microelectronics, nanotechnology, photonics, quantum technology and microfluidics.

What we aim for

In Twente we can make an important contribution to the ambition of initiating, designing, developing and producing the new generation chips. Combining (enabling) technologies such as electronics, photonics and microfluidics is a major challenge. How can we optimally combine analogue and digital signals? How can we use the knowledge and experience in electronic chips to further develop and apply photonic chips? How can we stack electronic, photonic, and microfluidic components into a single design so that, for example, we can use the screen of our smartphone as a high-speed corona test? It is particularly from the combination of different technologies that innovation emerges and that we can contribute to social challenges. To realize this ambition, action and investment power are needed. That is why we are focusing on three priorities in Twente:

  1. Continued investment in electronic chip design
  2. Research programme for integration of heterogeneous systems
  3. Realisation of heterogeneous fab

Who are we looking for?

To realise the above ambitions, we are looking for a new CEO. This person will be responsible for speeding up the ambitions and cooperation within the Twente ecosystem while explicitly seeking national and international cooperation. You help maintain our global leading position and lead the heterogeneous issues a step further. The objectives here are to attract the necessary talent, strengthen the value chain within the ecosystem, expand the current infrastructure to industrial production, and put Twente’s leading position as a high-tech region in the field of IC design, photonics, quantum, and microfluidics in the international spotlight. In addition, one of the objectives is to work with partners such as Brainport, Twente Board, regional development agency Oost NL, knowledge institutes and HighTech NL to develop a national roadmap for the chips industry.

Your main tasks will include

  • drawing up and implementing the Twente and national roadmap for electronic chip design, photonics, quantum and microfluidics and heterogeneous systems
  • helping to boost a foundry to produce such systems
  • attracting funding opportunities and co-investment solutions;
  • establishing a sustainable connection with the semicon industry and realising a strong position in the semicon market;
  • realising cooperation to strengthen electronic chip design, production, equipment, advanced packaging and testing, with heterogeneous integration as the foundation;
  • connecting scientific, applied and practical knowledge institutions with industry, through calls, growth funds and venture capital as important cooperation opportunities;
  • highlighting the importance of the Twente ecosystem and its role in the Netherlands and Europe, with the aim of mobilising funding from national and European funds;
  • as the representative of ChipTech Twente, maintaining intensive contact with national and European policymakers, media and other relevant stakeholders;
  • acting with convincing authority as a spokes person for the semiconductor industry in Twente, being the primary point of contact for (semi-)government, partner organisations and industry, and working together with the scientific leaders.

The CEO is responsible for the realisation of the strategic plan for ChipTech Twente, the content and quality of the services and the operational management. Besides the CEO, the team consists of a programme manager, a communication advisor and a programme team with representatives from the various organisations. A total of 50 partner organisations and companies are collaborating to realise our ambition.

Required competences

For this position, we are looking for a strategic inspirator who understands the needs of scientists, entrepreneurs and government. The future CEO has in-depth knowledge of the chip industry, with a good understanding of chip design, photonics, MEMS, microfluidics, quantum and/or heterogeneous integration and is able to develop a future vision of the opportunities around heterogeneous integration. In addition, you have the following competences:

  • You have proven experience in leading organisations in a complex multistakeholder environment.
  • You have the ability to develop and implement long-term strategies within a chip technology domain.
  • You have a proven track record in building and maintaining international relationships within the chip technology sector.
  • You are a strong, effective communicator, a networker and motivator, with a results-oriented attitude.
  • You can influence at national and international level, both in the private and public sector.
  • You have the ability to identify and integrate technological trends and innovations within the cluster.
  • You understand funding instruments and flows and can effectively implement them, linked to the ambitions of the cluster.


Express your interest in this position by emailing your motivation and accompanying CV to Marieke Stokkelaar, programme manager ChipTech Twente, m.stokkelaar@chiptechtwente.com, before 14 December 2023. If you would first like to know more about the position, please contact Marieke Stokkelaar, +31 64211 0739.


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